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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 6, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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murdering her daughter. roger clemens going on trial today in dc on charges of lying to congress about using performance enhancing drugs live at the courthouse about who is expected to testify. >> then, we all love roller coasters, but imagine being stuck on one for 8 hours. >> not so much fun. >> that happened to these riders more on that horrifying story as fox 5 morning news continues right now. well, let's see what is happening over northwest dc a low cloud cover, haze, plenty of heat and humidity too. just another summer day in the city i am steve. >> i am alison seymour. july in dc tony perkens good to see you. >> you as well. good morning everybody happy to see you, yep, you know the
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routine, hot, humid, chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms some of you there is a chance of that this morning. off to our west there is some thunderstorm activity this morning, moving to the north and east, roughly south of front royal and north and west of culpepper making its way north and east we don't know if this will hang together and get into areas, parts of our immediate viewing area but we will keep watching it there is lightning associated with this storm. it is not severe but it is a little thunderstorm activity. well, away from the district. all right to the graphics, regan national, 77 degrees, relative humidity 82% that makes it very uncomfortable, muggy outside. winds light out of the southwest, 3 miles an hour. the forecast today, i bet you can guess, hot, humid, high into the low to mid-90s another above normal day chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms here and there. look for a high in town, 93
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degrees. that is a look at the latest on the weather now the latest on the morning rush hour traffic here is julie. summer in full effect that is why we got lighter than usual traffic volume on the roads southbound 270, heading out to the scales typically at this hour this would still be a bumper to bumper drive. not the case this morning, no problems reported in german town, inbound along 66 slow traffic fair oaks headed eastbound 123 at the capitol belt way, running smoothly no incidents travelling through annondale and fairfield. as for the charge of first degree murder verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> first a little smile then tears as casey anthony heard that not guilty verdict the florida mom acquitted yesterday
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of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. the verdict shocked many americans watching this case very closely. we did not see their faces for six weeks but after a florida jury acquitted casey anthony of the most serious charges against her one alternate juror is speaking out. >> for six weeks, 16 men and women sat in the jury stand, listening, watching, contemplating the fate of casey anthony four were alternate jurors, russ was one of them when he returned home from orlando last night he said, if he got to deliberate the not guilty verdict would have been the same >> i agreed whole heartedly. it was the right decision made. prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof we had a lot of reasonable doubts there. it didn't show us the evidence. you know, that was good enough
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for a conviction. he is a teacher and believes anthony is a liar but does not believe that makes her a killer. >> there was some type of horrific accident to caylee but the family, whatever happened i think more than one person knows and i think that was possibly george. >> defense's argument caylee drowned makes sense to him. >> but for some reason, the prosecution was right they made an accident look like a murder scene. >> public opinion mostly disagrees the family of a second alternate juror is wrestling with this. >> i am a mother the mother in me putting emotions into it, disagrees with it on some level but i know they were instructed to take their emotions out of it. >> this one has a lot of people talking our facebook fans are speaking out. fran says okay, michael vick
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did time for dogs this girl kills her own child and gets away with it my heart hurts for the child. >> makes me sick to my stomach, i feel sad for caylee. the courts found her not guilty i say let her live her life and her maker will be the final judge. now casey anthony could still get jail time she was found guilty of four counts lying to investigators misdemeanor charges carry one year terms but she has been in jail three years it is widely believed she will be sentenced tomorrow time already served. thanks so much in the woods where caylee anthony's remains were found dozens of strangers showed up to pay tribute to the little girl. >> they brought balloons, stuffed animals, the street has become a parking lot for television trucks and police cars security has been stepped up after reports anthony's have faced death threats. news closer to home a
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prince william county mother is expected to turn herself in, on charges in the death of her 2- year-old son she is accused of leaving her son ryan in the family minivan all day, june 17th she forgot to drop him off at day care before she went to work at a local animal hospital she found her son still strapped in his car seat 4:00 p.m. she is charged with murder, and child neglect. another high profile case kicks off in the district. roger clemens will be in court facing purgery charges stemming from denial of taking steroids during a congressional hearing, three years ago. roger clemens is arguably one of the best pitchers of all time in major league baseball with his record 7 cy young awards but did he get there using steroids. clemens said no but today his purgery trial begins with jury selection and that jury will decide if he lied.
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clemens told a house committee in 2008 that he did not use performance enhancing drugs later his strength trainer came forward claiming he personally injected clemens with steroids and human growth hormones as proof he saved the needles, that is expected to be part of the evidence in the case and clemens trainer the star witness the trial is expected to take 4 to 6 weeks, jury selection complete next week. andy pet it is expected to testify clemens admitted using human growth hormone to him during a 99/00 conversation, clemens says he misunderstood and is lying to save himself from prosecution. he earned 354 wins in the majors and more than 4,000 strike outs if convicted on charges, clemens faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine, he is charged
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with six felony counts including purgery, false statements and obstruction. that is the latest here at federal courthouse back to you. >> leslie johnson announcing she will resign from the council this comes a week after to obstruction charges she and her husband, jack johnson awaiting sentencing in the federal corruption scandal in a resignation helter she said she is stepping down -- letter she said she is stepping down july 31st. new county executives say she should go immediately. >> we should have the special election as quickly as possible and the resignation should be as quickly as possible. >> it would be nice if she offered at least an apology. >> she stuffed nearly $80,000 into her bra and flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet to hide bribes her husband took
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from developers from the fbi. >> president obama will hold a town hall on twitter. as doug luzader reports from capitol hill, the president hopes to convince congress to raise the nations debt limit. >> reporter: the president will answer questions from twitter users primarily about jobs and economy and most likely the debt crisis. this is now a white house that is fed up with congress. president obama took them to task saying the american people want action to raise the nations debt ceiling before a possible default. >> it is in fact, what drives them nuts about washington. when both parties simply take the path of least resistance. >> reporter: but the senate seemed to be doing just that after canceling this week's vacation to tackle the debt senate majority leader harry reed tried to skip it that drove republicans nuts. >> we are going to focus on
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something possibly that is irrelevant and has nothing whatsoever to do with the issue at hand just to make the american people thing we are doing something. >> reporter: they may do something later this week thursday leaders of both parties are heading to the white house to try to reach some kind of debt agreement but if that means new taxes as the president has insisted, count republicans out. >> in the middle of the jobs crisis they want the raise taxes we know will kill even more jobs,. >> reporter: the president says he is making head way and we learned he actually sat down with speaker of the house john boehner over the weekend. >> we've made pro greeses and i believe greater progress is within sight but i don't want to fool anybody, we still have to work through some real differences. >> reporter: and one thing that the president and the speaker apparently agree on, they are not interested in a temporary deal that would only carry through next year. doug luzader, fox news. 10 minutes past the hour.
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up next weather and traffic and other stories making headlines. >> including an update on the desperate search by the u.s. and mexican authorities to find mexican tourists missing since their boat capsized. fox morning news will be right back 
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7:14 a.m., dc police arrest a second suspect in the murder of robber foster junior the 43- year-old shot to death last mount not far from the caribbean festival three others were wounded, 23-year-old bryant and 21-year-old jimenez. police hoping to solve a could case murder 13 years ago, christine was sexually assaulted and beaten to death,
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police released a sketch of the man who may be responsible they have linked dna to eight sexual attacks in montgomery county. >> dc police chief will be on the hot seat as district council's public safety committee will grill her whether they are responding to hate crimes, also set to testify the president of gays and lesbians, opposing violence. a typical dc summer day. >> certainly. what we are used to. we are not even at what is traditionally the time of year. another warm day, chance of showers and thunderstorms, hd radar there are some folks seeing some of that activity, right now. it is off to our west but you can see, some thunderstorm activity now, making its way slowly north ward heading towards the front royal area, generally speaking it may brush past, thunderstorm activity off to our west, north of cull pep
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per south of port royal well to the west of the district we are not expecting to see this in here some viewers out in lees burg, later on in the morning could see it if it hangs together. now let's look at the broad picture satellite radar what we are seeing, plenty of clouds across the region this morning, warm, muggy, and we will see some sunshine today, but clouds are going to be a factor during the course of the day today, and again you see more of that thunderstorm activity off into southwestern virginia as well. 5 day forecast looks like this, high 93 degrees, 5 degrees above normal, hot, humid, chance of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms, they will be intermittent here and there not everyone will get it, tomorrow 90, chance of showers and thunderer storms, cooler friday, 85, saturday and sunday, right now look to be dry days, they will be warm, highs in the upper 80s around 90 degrees but a good amount of sunshine. right now looks okay for the weekend we will continue to
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update that as the week goes. >> looks like a good weekend. >> that's right. >> thanks tony. hi julie. >> hey you guys good morning once again hello alison. >> julie. on the roads, not too busy but of course fox 5 is monitoring metro we have problems on metro's blue orange line entrance esculators, are not in service this morning. shuttle bus service available for you but again that will effect metro's blue orange line the station remains open, it is the entrance esculators not in service. lanes open 395 across the 14th street bridge, mainline slowing duke street to seminary as you cross over the pot mock, all lanes are bush potomac all lanes are open. nothing stopping your way, that is a check of your fox 5 on
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time traffic. our other big story a commission trying to find out how osama bin laden hid in pakistan for so long, investigators ordered the government to prevent his relatives leaving pakistan without per mix. they may release one of his wives back to yemen three of his wives and several children were detained after the raid two months ago. >> latest to the search for seven american tourists in mexico, survivors of the deadly fishing accident hope their friends can be found. >> it has been more than 65 hours now the mexican navy said they presume people are dead after 96 hours. the search does continue. mix con navy and u.s. coast guard are searching -- mexican navy and u.s. coast guard are searching from the air. if some body spots something they have camera technology they can zoom in on something they would see in the water. >> a tourist boat capsized
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early sunday morning off the baja california peninsula. passenger and crew were thrown into the water when the boat was tossed during a violent storm. crews from mexico and the u.s. are combing the sea. we need a very close collaboration between the two governments i am happy to say we have this going. >> coast guard expanded the search area to find anyone who may have drifted. >> take into account the patterns and currents where someone would be in the water. >> ship mates who survived the wreck clung to debris for 15 hours now those survivors are anxiously awaiting word is vowing to find the missing. >> we want to find out, you know, until they find them, ryan and the rest of our members, we plan to stay here. >> family say they have been promised this will remain a search and rescue mission until friday time is running short. >> it is not just find them
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find everybody please. the fishing boat is owned by baja sport fishing on the website the company says all further trips have been cancelled. thanks, 20 minutes past the hour this wednesday morning, they gently don't have to deal with snow, thunderstorms, yesterday residents of phoenix arizona had a huge dust storm on their hands. we will show you the video when we come back. >> holly is serving up world team tennis. >> really pretty. >> love the location. >> live with a look at the washington castles new stadium. we will be right back 
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folks in arlington, some trying to clean up the mess mother nature made. strong storms, winds, 65 miles per hour knocked over trees and power lines sunday night they fell on windows of cars as you
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saw, buildings, one man would have been crushed by a falling tree had his wife not called him to come to the basement. >> it went all the way through our master barth where i was. >> right where he was standing two seconds before. >> when it hit the house we were on -- my son i was carrying we were on the stairs running down to the basement. >> storm went off for some time but the swirling wind that did most of the damage lasted up to a minute. >> thousands were without power after the storm all but 26 are now back online. >> bell, this next video can be -- well, this next video can be scary to some people but it is harmless this is a wall of dust mixed with sand, moving over the city of phoenix arizona. the pictures of the massive dark cloud, pretty maizing the dust storm -- pretty amazing the dust storm 50 miles wide it cut visibility forced a few flight delays not just in
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phoenix also las vegas and los angeles monsoon season in full gear over the southwest, it causes stormed to kick up a lot of dirt in the valley of the sun. these are technically known as haboobs they have them in the african desert. it is arabic for strong sand storm amazing pictures. >> like something out of the movie the mummy. we said earlier like transformers three you expect them to just pop out of the sand. >> right. >> amazing we said earlier like a mountain moving across your city. >> what do you do, stay indoors. >> windows shut, vents shut. >> when it is 120 degrees hopefully you did that any way. no body hurt but amazing pictures out of phoenix. 7:25 a.m. in our next half hour our bipartisan political team, tackling our latest head leans, we will talk about the debate and president's call to do something.
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>> also the big twitter town hall meeting. >> roller coasters can be fun, that is how long they are expected to last imagine being stuck on this one for 8 hours. >> not fun at all. >> no. >> that is what happened to these folks. more on that when we come back and where that was
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close to 7:30 a.m., a florida jury found casey anthony not guilty of murdererring her 2-year-old daughter caylee, manslaughter, child abuse charges not guilty on all of them she was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators each carries a one year sentence but she could walk free since she has already been in jail four years. >> roger clemens purgery trial in the nations capitol a federal judge said he probably won't allow his former teammates to testify about their steroid use. the former baseball great has been accused of lying to congress. scary moments for these folks stuck at the top of a roller coaster in scotland they were left hanging for several hour, up to 8 hours after a mechanical failure stopped the car some 60 feet in the air. took rescuers almost 8 hours to
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rescue 9 people onboard no one was hurt alison they were compensated for their time stuck up high in the air the theme park gave them a free taxi ride home. >> not free tickets? >> would you want the go back after stuck for 8 hours? >> well, give me one of those big stuffed pandas. >> that you can never really win. >> can't get that in the taxi. you have a choice do you walk home. >> with your big toy or get home. >> after 8 hours you want the get home. that is terrifying. >> it is. >> i only say that because we went to king's dominion,. >> you never win. you know the kids, we want one. >> the best part of the amusement park is leaving in the parking lot people trying to stuff that into their car. >> just leave them on the side of the road. >> wait until you are a dad steven you will be like you can't win it and then all these people walking out with it.
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>> maddening. >> and dispointing to the young one. >> when they remind you that you can't win it. your weather headlines, i was just saying, they often give me one of those. >> do they do it? >> you don't have to name the park. >> i am not saying. >> to vince in the pavilion. >> that's right. here comes the humidity, another hot, humid day on tap today ladies and gentlemen. afternoon storms possible next several days not just today but the foreseeable future weekend looks cooler, you know, it looks a little cooler, highs upper 80s, 90 degrees lower humidity is drier, is this the hottest time of the year? feels like it technically no, we are 10 days away from what is traditionally the hottest time of the year. hd radar show you what is happening, here we go,
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thunderstorm activity, this is hanging together pretty well we are now looking at it, as it moves to the north and east, south of front royal in the direction it is going it could impact lees burg places like that it does appear to be hanging together we will keep our eyes on it there is a lot of cloud to ground lightning associated with this area of storminess that is the only area we are seeing thunderstorms close to us this morning. let's look at temperatures across the region another warm start 78 degrees washington 77 annapolis, culpepper 73 off to the east annapolis did i say that already? i think so. partly sunny skies, scattered afternoon showers, thunderstorms possible high today, 93 degrees for tonight we will see another warm night overnight lows mid-70s early shower, thunderstorm possible here and there not everyone will get it some of you will. five day forecast tomorrow, 90
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scattered thunderstorms, friday, that is a cooler day, 85 degrees, afternoon showers and thunderstorms the weekend looks good hot but good mostly sunny skies temperatures right about where they should be for this time of year. that is a look at what is happening with weather now an update on traffic from julie. >> all right tony, checking out the drive in virginia, so far so good incident free on the inner loop as you travel from bradock as you head out toward 66, robinson terminal, toward 66, 95 cleared out for the mornings drive, no problems reported along this stretch, 66, centerville, at fair oaks, leaving vienna toward the tollway, route 7 to the belt way outer loop no problems reported, montgomery to fairfax. inner speed, lanes open, north capitol out towards the third street tunnel that is a check
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of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> back to the white house a meeting there is crucial to getting some sort of action from preventing the country from going into default next month. good morning jim. good morning. >> his usual sparring partner we say it in love, peter is off today we welcome ellen former advisor to nancy pelosi and a democratic strategist nice to see you. >> good morning. >> let's first talk about business here at home we are talking about the debt ceiling debate less than a month away now, let me start with you, what can we expect these two sides seem to be a little movable right now, what will happen? >> well, okay, from my perspective, one side has moved pretty far because there is a $4 trillion problem we need to deal with over the next 10
7:35 am
years democrats in closed door negotiations over the last several weeks came with almost $2 trillion on cut smarts, we can't do it on the backs of college students and seniors we need the richest of the rich and corporate tax loopholes closed to lower the tax rate and make america more competitive there has been a stand off because the republicans have interpreted out of election last year no taxes can be on the table at all. so, that is my perspective going into the next 48 hours now we have the president calling everybody, the white house, republican and democratic leaders and we will see what comes out of that i think americans are looking towards july 22nd date, where we are supposed to begin to default as a nation and you know, again from my perspective that is scary. >> let me ask you, the vice president was put in charge of
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this, the spokesperson for this, if you will has he done a good job convincing both sides to come together? >> since some walked out maybe -- eric canter lead to house and so the president has taken it up himself. >> what is your reaction? can we bet this business done in time? >> i fink this the president is -- think if the president is sincere we will. if you look at last week he pretty much admonished republicans now all of a sudden he is bringing republicans in. i think he is trying to set himself up he is a good guy republicans are the bad guy let's look back at the history of this, last two years democrats controlled all three houses they didn't pass the budget you know, republicans hasn't lad their victory they had last cycle -- had their victory they had laisses =, we
7:37 am
would have -- cycle we would have had the debt we have. i don't know what is actually going to happen to be honest with you, i would agree, it would be hopeful something would happen but there is a lot of political gains man ship going on. >> it has been talked as a temporary fix american people don't seem to be too warm on that idea i don't know if we understand what this means but seems like if congress can't get the budget in order, how we expected to get our bank accounts in order, seems that is how it trickles down what is the perception here if this business is not taken care of? >> well, i think first of all the president and speaker boehner said they were against a temporary fix they want at least a two year fix on the debt ceiling, i think that you know, i've heard some republicans question whether default means anything and there will be any consequences but i have heard a lot of smart
7:38 am
economists says the a catastrophe we saw three years ago $17 trillion in household wealth lost in retirement income and 401 ks from americans i don't want to mess around with my retirement, so i hope that they take it seriously. >> let's move on to the talks senate was supposed to take up talks about our action in libya, that has been shelved will we get back to that harry reed saying we need to deal with our business here at home. >> i thought it was interesting that that was the first thing they were going to talk about they shelved it when republicans said why are we here we are here for the budget, here for the deficit situation but libya is an important problem now because we are hearing more and more, that i think i heard something the other day that we have flown over 800 sortis. 800 planes into libya right now we have to resolve the situation either we are in
7:39 am
libya, and the president needs to get some resolution from congress or we are out of libya. we've got to have that situation happen but clearly, you know, harry reed tried to get that to happen but we are going to talk about the debt. libya will be put on the back burner again until we get something done. >> it was all the talk a couple weeks ago on the talk shows what are we doing in libya what are the answers here think it will come back up again? >> i think it will have to. i think what senate was trying to do in a bipartisan fashion with senator mccain and senator perry, was to try to put some sort of guidelines around what we are doing in libya again, aircraft, and what that resolution would have done is stipulate no troops on the ground unless there was a specific personal threat to u.s. personnel, somewhere in libya. and it would have limited the action to a year. so i think they will come back to that but i agree with senator reed and jim now is the time to look at the debt.
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there is a big twitter party going on at the white house today, and in all seriousness it is a town hall meeting of sorts, an electronic one talking about jobs and economy is this a smart move by the white house? i would expect nothing would get through that is not of good nature, but what do you thing of this move? >> seems like they set it up fairly they are going to have twitter leaders, you know community leaders in the twitter verse, filtering questioning but hopefully he gets real questions he needs to hear real questions and real opinions but i also hope that he doesn't do the whole town hall if again the negotiations today on the debt ceiling take precedence. scheduled for 2:00 p.m. or someone in iowa saying what is going on here. 16-year-old man who doesn't have a job saying what are we doing today? a twitter party. >> well, that's right.
7:41 am
you know, where is the laser like focus on jobs, we will have a twitter party clearly this is a political campaign stunt, smart from a political perspective they will get all these e-mails and other things and capture people involved but in the meantime we are not working on negotiations and you know, we need to be focused on dealing with the debt ceiling problem and until that happens i think america is just going to kind of roll their eyes again one more time our leaders, don't seem to be leading. just following. >> a.m. son, twitter party -- alison this twitter party. >> it is a town hall meeting on twitter. >> in the same way this is a meeting. i think it is legit. americans need to hear what he is thinking he needs to hear what they are thinking. >> i think, i mean i would tend to agree with that if that were the case but right now i don't think he needs to hear from americans his numbers are bad americans are telling him, ellen, let's fix the deficit.
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>> got the end it there i apologize. got your point out a twitter town hall meeting not a party jim we hear you too. hope you come back and see us some time steve. >> thank you very much. 7:42 a.m., up next update tiger wood's competitive schedule. back after this 
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as expected tiger woods said he will pass next week's british open, he will miss another major because he has left leg is not healed he will have one final shot at a major title if he plays in atlanta but he said he will not do that if he is 100% recovered. it is questionable whether he will play the rest of the year. fantastically interesting development. >> it is only july. >> i know. >> we will see he is definitely not playing in the british open. >> some times you just got to heal do what it takes. >> exactly. >> i may be out for a good part of the year my finger that i
7:46 am
used the point to the weather maps has a sprain. >> paper cut too. >> that too. >> julie might be out because you keep telling her it will be sunny. >> that's true. well, you know what, we have a lot of clouds, we are going to start with hd radar, as we -- >> he plays hurt because he is tony -- >> you catch it. >> there you go. off to the southwest some rain, lightning associated with this system it is making its way north and east, monassis you will get some of this rain shortly along 66, some rain falling now, heading out towards or coming in from front royal you have rain on 66, we will keep our eyes on this for the next couple hours. >> as we go to the graphics, satellite radar composite, plenty of clouds, i think as the day progresses we will see a mix of clouds and sun certainly clouds through the day today, more moisture, to the south and west, across
7:47 am
southeastern virginia, as well. temperatures across the region 78 degrees here in the district, 74 dulles, ocean city 78, winchester 72 your five day forecast, high 93 degrees, chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms tomorrow high 90, chance of showers and thunderer storms, friday, 85, that will feel good. saturday and sunday look to be dry high in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. there you go. that is the latest. that will be a great weekend. >> looks like it should be. >> early you know things can change. look forward to the weekend right julie wright? >> i love these three day workweeks. >> three day workweeks? >> you are right there with me. >> i worked monday. >> he did work on the 4th. >> oh, well, okay. on the roads right now, inner loop of the belt way delays heading towards 66 all lanes here are open, 66 centerville,
7:48 am
fair oaks, east towards 123 and belt way, looking good in each direction that is is a which can of your fox 5 -- check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day rick alison he worked for u.s. airways, now we picked him, -- i happen to love your last name rick, it is very what, i can't say it because it is my name say something. >> you just thought of it. >> i love it how you spell it and everything. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news and post a comment on the photo. that's right we all know you are lobbying because you put in for rick yesterday. i had no hand in this but i like it. >> 7:48 a.m., tennis fans stay tuned a special for you. >> up next live at washington capitol's new stadium
7:49 am
accessible by a train station other than a car or metro. >> when is the last time you went to a tennis match via a boat probably never there is no other stadium in the u.s. where you can do this, other than the washington castles new stadium on the wharf live on the southwest water front, their season just started this week, coming up we are going the talk with the commissioner of world team tennis and tell you how you too can hop onboard for this whole new tennis experience live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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7:52 a.m., washington castles tennis team, brand new stadium this year. holly morris is down at the
7:53 am
southwest waterfront good morning great looking. >> i know what a new venue it is i highly suggest arriving via the american water -- american river taxi you can see they just dropped me off. how you best take advantage of this you pick it up in georgetown you can pick it up an hour before game times the $9 each way it will bring you right here to the southwest water front hop out and enjoy a wonderful exciting night of world team tennis of course the other option since it is on the water front here is to bring your own boat, and park here of course you do have to have season tickets, so i am looking for a friend with a boat that brings me onboard the patriot two with dc harbour crewses and i run into elena the world team tennis commissioner good morning to you. >> great to be here. >> thank you so much. what do you thing of this new venue >> amazing we came down her a month ago for a ribbon cutting
7:54 am
with the mayor, washington castles continue to stick the ball for us in world team tennis it is accessible to anybody come on the metro, drive, and you can even come on the water taxi, so it is exciting and the team is terrific, venus, certificate ser -- serena williams, they are the team to beat this season. >> if you don't come out for a home match you are missing out. venus was here the other night everybody loves her and even though the castles have only been around four years now, why do you thing it is the castles are able to set the bar. world team tennis has been around for awhile. >> it has, 36 seasons, i think what the organization has done is built tremendous money douse -- they want the very -- tremendous, they want the very best for washington when they
7:55 am
came the this market they decided they wanted to be a winner it is fantastic we have a draw, washington was a new team they got the draw quite high up and they have continued to build. i think every player wants to play for washington dc it is a great city, international, and there is so much going on here so i think a lot of things you know coming to play but i do think it is the ownership and also the comradery they won their world team tennis king trophy, second season and i know they want to bring their trophy back to washington dc. >> why is there this need do you think for something like world team tennis when you think tennis is such an individual sport there is doubles but why this type of tennis. >> well, i really believe kids and americans love to follow their teams and i think the cofounder of world team tennis what they want to do is make tennis accessible to everybody you want to have professional tennis in markets throughout
7:56 am
the country, a lot of tournaments have left america, gone to europe and asia, i think we are able to provide a platform for young kids and families, to come out and see the very best, in their home city, dream about maybe playing for their own team venus williams and serena attended a world team tennis clinic when they were 9 and 10 years old in california and dream about playing yesterday, venus was at the stadium on the water front, giving a clinic to kids. so it really is giving back and creating something meaningful. >> the thing that impresses me it is creating this opportunity for people to see these world class tennis players in an intimate venue. >> absolutely, 2 to 4,000 seats and i think to get close to the action and the other thing that is important with world team tennis, men and women, boys and girls, equality, it is great to
7:57 am
socialize people, you know, compete as a team and it doesn't matter who you are you can contribute. thank you we have a link to the washington castles world team tennis website there is only six matches left all down here on the wharf, the home matches come out and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to see serena she is taking to the court tomorrow. we will serve it up with mark jensen in our next hour. >> thank you holly. take a boat right to the match. >> the best of life. >> all we need a is boat. >> and tickets. >> summer vacation or shopping it could be a summer of savings. >> we will show you three new websites designed to deliver deep discounts not just you but the whole family stay with us 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
so many people still shocked by the verdict in the casey anthony trial she was accused of murdering her 2-year- old daughter yesterday the jury found her not guilty.
8:01 am
judge alex will join us live to weigh in on how the jury reached its decision. >> that high profile trial ends now another begins the purgery charge against roger clemens charged with lying to congressant using steroids, live at the federal courthouse in dc. >> whether it is summer vacation or shopping, a summer of savings, we will show you three new websites designed to deliver deep discounts for the entire family. >> good morning thanks for being with us,. summer of savings i like how that sounds. >> nice ring to it. summer of sunshine too so far. >> lots of sun. >> summer of heat definitely continue to see above normal temperatures we did yesterday, 93 was the high same thing today, more heat more humidity out there, our dew point last hour was 71 degrees, that is uncomfortable, not pleasant at all. let's look at hd radar we continue to monitor an area of
8:02 am
storminess off to the west, south and west of the district north of cull pepper includes culpepper and lightning associated with this system as it makes its way to the north and east across portions of 66, you've got rain falling right now, we will continue to see this develop during the course of the morning hours headed generally towards monassis area, later on this morning we will continue to monitor current temperatures around the region, 78 degrees nations capital, dulles at 74 degrees, baltimore 73 degrees and 73 in fredericks burg the forecast for washington for today, partly sunny skies, hazy, hot, humid chance of an afternoon and evening shower and thunderstorms, high 93 degrees. once again in the district. we will have more on the forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. check with julie morning to her. good morning to you all
8:03 am
once again again i have to says the not that bad out there, we find lighter than usual traffic volume, north of town typical delays from college park headed in toward silver sing nothing out of the ordinary out of -- spring nothing out of the ordinary for laurel. looks like it will be on the southbound side because we have all this traffic that was for the time being running freely now as you can see it is grid locked as you continue southbound leaving montrose out toward the split. no incidents to report coming from the west, 66 live camera shot, a lot of distance between the cars not as busy as what it could be traffic volume improving here toll road looks good, 28 to the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. nation had been grip bid the case for more than three years now, casey anthony accused of killing her 2-year-
8:04 am
old daughter. >> it took a jury 11 hours to find her not guilty of the three most serious charges, jessica stone is in orlando florida with reaction to the verdict. after a six week trial full of drama, a stunning conclusion for casey anthony here in florida. >> nerves gave way to tears as casey anthony heard this. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty not guilty, not guilty. >> jury deciding she is a liar but not a killer acquitting her for murder and manslaughter for caylee but convicting her of lying to police her parents rushing out of the courtroom. engulfed in hugs by her defense team. >> casey did not murder caylee. >> this is a lesson to those of you indulged in media assassination for three years. >> prosecutors said the time it took to find caylee's body hurt their case. >> this is a dry bones case very very difficult to prove. >> after an 11 hour deliberation, the 7 women, 5
8:05 am
man jury was tight lipped. >> the 12 jurors have declined to talk to you. >> the only incite coming from an alternate juror who heard the case but didn't deliberate. >> prosecution didn't meet their burden of proof we had a lot of reasonable doubts there >> outside the courthouse a shocked public. >> as many visited the place where -year-old caylee's tiny body was found. >> we wish she could have had a life like i have so far. >> casey anthony remains in jail that could change thursday when she returns to be sentenced on four counts of lying to police. each carrying a maximum sentence of one year in jail but she has already been in jail three years. in orlando, jessica stone, fox news. well, lots of you commenting on this, on our facebook page this morning, susannah woodward writes i am so upset i believe she got away with murder makes me sick. candace says, quote if she isn't guilty why did she tell so many lies.
8:06 am
so shocked and confused. you can share your comments on our facebook page search under fox 5 morning news,. coming up, in just a few minutes we are going to get legal reaction from judge alex who is in orlando this morning. as one high profile trial winds down another is beginning in the district, roger clemens will be in court, facing charges he lied to congress about steroid use. this during a committee hearing in 2008. following this from the federal court. good morning steve the jury selection is expected to begin at 9:30 a.m. this morning, right now there are a number of cameras surrounding the courthouse. the jury selection is expected to last until early next week that jury will not be deciding whether clemens committed a crime by using steroids but whether he lied about it. the case hinges on clemens testimony before a house committee in 2008 where he
8:07 am
testified under oath he did not use performance enhancing drugs on his way to becoming a seven time cy young winner clemens former trainer says he injected the yankee pitcher with steroids and human growth hormone and saved the needles as proof. clemens says the trainer lied to save himself from prosecution. former teammates and major loggers are expected to testify, including andy pet it who told him that he took human growth hormones, but clemens claims that he misunderstood. a former major league outfielder is expected to testify whether clemens attended a party at his home where steroids were used he famously wrote the book juice claiming he used steroids and most other players did too. the trial is expected to take 4 to 6 weeks if convicted on charges, clemens could face up to 30 years in prison, and a
8:08 am
$1.5 million fine since he has no prior criminal record it is unlikely he would get any where close to that. that is the latest at the federal courthouse back to you. >> after 8:30 a.m., the former federal prosecutor will join us in studio what we should expect in this case. >> locally, embattled prince georges council woman leslie johnson is resigning end of the month this comes five days after she pleaded guilty in the corruption probe of her husband. her colleagues on the council have called for her to resign immediately though. in court last week she admitted to destroying $100,000 check from a developer and stuffing $80,000 worth of cash into her under garment. a special election will be held to fill her seat. national new s with the clock ticking down until the u.s. reaches its debt limit president barack obama is calling top republicans and democrats to the white house in hopes of reaching a deal there
8:09 am
are still big gaps on both sides to overcome, surprise white house appearance late yesterday afternoon the president said he would personally take over negotiations on raising the debt keeling the u.s. reached a $14.3 trillion debt limit in may the treasury department warns congress has to raise the debt ceiling july 22nd or the u.s. could default on its loan come august 2nd. we need to come together over the next two weeks to reach a deal that reduces the deficit and up holds the full faith and credit of the united states government. >> no body will have time to read it or consider implications of it and he will say you have to pass it. senate cancelled july 4th holiday this week to work on the debt negotiation. later today the president holds a twitter town hall administrators will choose the
8:10 am
questions for the president and the white house will not control the questions. steve. it is 8:09 a.m., up next tvs judge alex will join us live from orlando, with his thoughts, on the e quitle of casey anthony, stay with us we will talk with judge alex after the break  [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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>> 8:15 a.m., coming up this morning, double duty with the forecast. a little coolness factor let's call it that today. coolness factor. >> we have been heating things up lately. >> before we get to the actual forecast at first i was like wow , what are you talking about but the coolness factor known as the my first 5 photo of the day check him out. this is aaron. i love the flippers. love the flippers. >> definitely got the coolness
8:14 am
factor going on. >> aaron. >> what is this? ♪ [ music ] >> happy birthday celebrating today, he is from virginia turning 6 years old. >> he just got in. just got in. >> tucker what and. >> he might be seven we don't know. >> okay. he is either turning 6 or 7. well, he is cool either way. >> very important to a young man. >> that year is very important so we will just say he is having a birthday. >> looks like he works out already. >> it is the beach, the pool got to look good. >> happy birthday aaron we hope you have a wonderful birthday whatever one it is if you want to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings. >> another picture, hd radar yes, it is while it is quiet here in the district and along the belt way out to our south and west, rain falling and there has been thunderstorm activity there this morning, so
8:15 am
we are continuing to watch this, slow moving, moving to the north and east, you will start to get shower activity moving in, culpepper, some areas of heavy rain and maybe thunder and lightning there right now leesburg may get a few showers moving in shortly. >> to the graphics, temperatures across the country we are up to 80 degrees, 80 here in washington going to be warm in the nations mid-section where temperatures already are in the mid-70s. 77 degrees dallas, out on the west coast l.a., 68 degrees at this hour. we are 1 degree shy of miami, 81 there, 80 here. your five day forecast look for a high of 93 degrees. showers and thunderstorms this afternoon not everyone will get them some of you may. more of the same tomorrow friday we cool down to 85, still a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms, the weekend looks warm pretty good, not too bad at all. that is a look at the weather more coming up in a bit.
8:16 am
alison back the you. >> as for the charge of first degree murder, verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> first, a little smile then tears as casey anthony hears the not guilty verdict the florida mother was acquitted yesterday of killing her 2-year- old daughter caylee, the verdict shocked many americans who have been watching this case closely. also watching this case, judge alex, host of the judge alex show on fox 5. he is a friend of the show and we appreciate you joining this morning you are live from orlando in front of the courthouse good morning. >> always a pleasure thank you. >> let's talk about this judge the country the reaction from a lot of people we are hearing is down right outrage and shock about this. is this a justified reaction here? >> yeah, i think it is justified, because you know now days, camera in the courtroom you get to see pretty much the same evidence the jury sees
8:17 am
people are speculating they saw the case presented i was surprised can't say i was shocked we see it all the time someone proven guilty even more so than casey anthony, gets acquitted by a jury. probably a whole lot of reasons why that happens, doesn't happen all the time but it happens often enough that you get a little desensitized to it jurors were trying to hold the state to a higher burden than they could ever prove motive. we all want to know the motive the only way to prove motive is have the defendant tell you why or a prior confession or crawl into their head which you can't do. so i think when they say we want to know why she did it, that is an impossibility for the prosecution they can theorize, say maybe for this reason but never prove that and to prove cause of death, as much as they want to know how some body died, it is not an element of the crime, baez said if you have doubts, if you have
8:18 am
questions, you have reasonable doubt that is misstatement to have law if you have doubts about elements of the crime, caylee anthony is dead, casey killed her caylee anthony is dead given, casey anthony killed her you put all the circumstantial evidence together points to but how is not an element husbands who murder their wives and dump them in the ocean or everglades some times they don't find the body. if you can't find the body you cannot prove if she was strangled, shot whatever but you can get a conviction. six week trial the jury took 11 hours to come back they said at the end of the day the prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof this is how it works this is the justice system. >> it is. i do not lose faith in the justice system i will tell you it is trite to say i would rather have a guilty person go free than an innocent person
8:19 am
convicted or a hundred guilty people go free i don't know if you would agree with that you would if it was your child innocent and convicted as long as we have a human system we will have mistakes it is unfortunate but you just have to say the prosecution i think did a masterful job, ashton was fantastic, they put the facts they have they can't create new facts they put them together and presented a powerful circumstantial case they don't have to convince all of america just those 12 people if all of america thinks she is guilty those 12 people are not convinced by law she is not guilty doesn't mean she is innocent not guilty just means they were not convinced beyond every reasonable doubt on evidence presented frankly i think she murdered her child. >> could have received a death sentence for that, a lot of people have that same feeling with you, now though, she might just be facing time served, what do you expect to happen when she heads back the court tomorrow? >> i think judge perry who by
8:20 am
the way did a fantastic job on the case he could go either way, i could see him say if i give you a maximum on the count i am punishing you for murders you were not convicted on she has been in three years, the most she can be in for this is four. you lied to everybody had everyone scrambling to find your kidnapped daughter all the time you knew you were lying, i am going to max you out, i would have no problem with either position he takes. >> pleasure to see you live from orlando, judge alex see his show each week day at noon and 12:30 here on fox 5. >> he has been down there following the whole case. good morning steve and alison we are checking out the drive northbound 270, north of where the lanes combine prior to montrose road, they have the crash moved it to the shoulder
8:21 am
delays, as you travel on the northbound side, up towards montrose road southbound lanes are open, headed down across the american legion bridge no troubreport, fairfax and montgomery county you will find the inner loop of the belt way, inbound 66 heavy and slow, head of constitution avenue that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> bad news for can commute for 10s of thousands of people, a crucial part of the experience on metro getting more and more unreliable. pgh >> also this hour, back in the nations capitol, and a brand new stadium holly morris is spending the morning with the washington capitols, time coming up 8:21 a.m. >> are those the legends of the game? >> they are always there and don't age
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
speed cameras will start issuing tickets near a couple school zones in frederick maryland they are located near hill crest elementary school and governor johnson high school. two other cameras began their 30 day warning period yesterday. well, this certainly is not what metro riders want to hear.
8:25 am
>> reliability of metro's esculators has dropped in recent months according to reports prepared by the board of directors 100 esculators are out of service on any given day back in may worse than previous months metro says it is rebuilding its entire system of esculators exposed to elements year round long term $150 million project. >> under these types of conditions with this much traffic these esculators have a useful life of 20 maybe 25 years if they are properly maintained maybe 30 if you are lucky and we are well beyond that at this point. right now, 86 of metro's 588 esculators are under some degree of repair. 8:25 a.m. they generally don't have to deal with snow storms, don't have to deal with much thunder, rainstorms, maybe but yesterday residents of phoenix had a huge dust storm amazing video when we come back. >> then we will take a closer look at the case against roger
8:26 am
clemens he is going to court on charges of lying to congress back in 2008 when he denied ever using performance enhancing drugs during his career stay with us [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. want to save even more? call now and we'll add over 60 premium channels, including showtime, starz, epix, and more for 12 months. fios is a 100% fiber optic network. it delivers superior picture quality, the best channel lineup, more hd, plus america's fastest, most consistent and reliable internet. and there's no annual contract required.
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8:29 am
it is now 8:29 a.m. on wednesday morning let's look at stories making headlines this morning a policy change involving military suicide, president barack obama will now send condolence letters to families of troops who take their own lives during deployment previously the white house would only send letters to those who died in combat or accidents in war zones a group of senators asked for the change weeks ago calling the policy insensitive. after a 10 day shut down, los alamos in new mexico is back in business it was closed after the large state wild fire threatened the facility it will take a few days the get
8:30 am
everything back up and running. this is in arizona, a massive dark cloud moves over phoenix pictures of the huge sand storm are down right amazing. frightening monsoon season is in full gear over the southwestern part of the united states, it causes storms packing strong winds to kick up a whole lot of dirt in the valley of the sun. how often does that happen? >> not frequently this time of year occasionally it is more common in other parts of the world than desert southwest but still impressive. >> imagine if that was headed toward dc >> wow. >> wall to wall coverage >> like a michael bay movie. >> amazing vantage point for the photographer. >> helicopter i am assuming. >> amazing pictures. >> cool stuff. >> i am sure the meteorologists are letling everyone know that is on the move. >> you would love that if you were there. >> what happens after the clean
8:31 am
up afterwards. >> does it just blow through? >> well, i have never been in one i think they blow through and everybody gets out the broom the next day. get the hoses out. >> exactly. >> what is going on around these parts. >> thunderstorms to the west, it has been hanging tough all morning long just out to our west you can see it still flashes out, 66 towards monassis south and west and cull pepper, it has been persistent i think this will be with us for the next few hours it lifts up to the north and east, once we get the rain showers out of here one of those hazy, hot humid days in store across washington area highs expected to be back in the 90s current temperature at regan national, very uncomfortable 80 degrees, 80 right now overnight low, was only in the mid-70s, and our dew point temperatures,
8:32 am
measures humidity, low 70s. we are in the uncomfortable range. a little relief off to the north and west, pittsburgh 68, columbus 70, we are just not going to get a chance to get the cooler drier air in here, the warm front will lift through the area, that is causing the thunderstorm activity changes here in the way of more summary, soupy weather across the washington area expected next couple days, the five day forecast and again as we get into the afternoon, could be a scattered shower or a thunderstorm 93 degrees, wind out of the south, 5 to 10, later tonight, muggy, overnight lows expected to be in the 70s. 74 your overnight low, plenty warm out there, winds south, 5 to 10 your five day forecast again late this afternoon 93 degrees, thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures kind of summer range should be cool and dry, sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures. that's a look at weather let's toss it to you steve. >> jury selection for the purgery trial of roger clemens
8:33 am
begins today. clemens is accused of lying to congress about the use of performance enhancing drugs. we are joined this morning to talk about the case former federal prosecutor as well i can't get jacob to stop talking about what happened in florida. what is your reaction. >> very simply jury listened to this case for 33 days the only ones that heard the evidence they returned what they believed was a verdict consistent with the evidence passion no with standing i believe they wanted to convict her fact is the evidence was not there that is why they returned the verdict they did we have a judicial process we have to respect the decision i don't think any lawyer should say anything else then it goes to the integrity of the system. >> it is difficult for the rest of the country to understand that but they were not sitting there for 33 days. >> exactly. >> roger clemens might be in
8:34 am
the same situation except he may be facing up to 30 years in prison for lying to congress. this is an interesting case what are the keys to this case. >> one interesting thing is now we are shifting it into baseball, baseball is a game you play on the field roger clemens does not have home field advantage here. that could be one of the most interesting dynamics what we are dealing with here is lying to congress. the government, whether it is congress, department of justice, takes very seriously, lying in investigations and in this case we are tried in new york where he played, in texas also where he is a hometown favorite. very likely we could see a dynamic, call it jury nullification this guy is a hero, a super star no matter what you put in front of us, we are not going to tag him as a felon we are not going to call him guilty this case, he lied
8:35 am
to congress occurred in washington. you will easily find a jury that says roger clemens who they will listen to the evidence and it will be interesting to see ultimately how that plays out. >> not to mention his attorney is from texas as well that might not play as well here in washington as you said if the backyard of congress which is what is front and center in this case. so as an attorney whether you are prosecuting the case defending roger clement what is are your keys. >> the keys are who are the essential witnesses because when you are prosecuting someone for false statements for purgery the issue is, did he make a false statement on material issue of fact, to the tribunal to the body and the fact is, here he made out right denials, of use of performance enhancing drugs. and the government is going to put on the trainer who administered them. it is different than the barry bonds case.
8:36 am
>> the trainer is not reliable. >> they are going to try to slice and dice him in the end of the day, we see roger clemens has not been effective when he has spoken in his own behalf, and the question will be what happens whether it is casey anthony, where she chose not to testify, which was a good decision, that ultimately may be where this case comes out. is roger clemens going to take the witness stand and could he in fact be the decision maker, effect the jury's decision. >> his torn is saying he is not the bull in the bullpen you would not put him on the stand. >> it depends how the government case comes in and how effective they are on cross- examination. some believe bun of the most powerful -- one of the most powerful witnesses could be andy petit talking about discussions he and roger clemens had.
8:37 am
clemens is despite these allegations, this is a case about lying to congress about this drug use which he was implicated in but he never tested positive for drug use how big a factor is that? >> something that the defense will try to put into evidence or put into evidence, but ultimately it is about the statements themselves. because for the government, it is about the integrity of the process not lying in investigation and that is really what the government will be all about putting the statements and it has been all its time and effort showing why they are false. jacob franco we will see what happens alison. >> 80 degrees on this wednesday morning a nationwide shortage of medications is hitting hospitals hard. stay with us 
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> an alarming problem effecting everything from pharmacies to hospitals, critical medication in short supply or not vailable at all. drugs for cancer treatments, infections, heart disease, diabetes, adhd experiencing shortages, 211 last year, 300 medications by the end of this year american society of health
8:41 am
system pharmacists is trying to keep track. >> just about every class of drug has been effected in the past year a little less than half related to problems with productions in terms of keeping up with quality issues. >> some drugs are discontinued as they are not profitable to make others get hung up in the regulatory process and fewer manufactures to pick up the slack if a company goes off line. a mothers age and health might have more to do with a child's autism than first thought. >> stanford university researchers followed 192 sets of twins it found high rates of shared autism disorders for identical twins but relatively high rates for fraternal twins who don't share any more genetic material than normal subles there are genetic factors that may be triggered by environmental factors, like diet, age, medication, stress level but still does not nail down a cause. >> we don't know enough
8:42 am
unfortunately as to what these factors are there has not been enough research into it but stress hormone levels may be significant and this may have something to do with effecting the expression of genes that build functional connections especially between the two sides of the brain. >> study didn't try to determine exactly which factors increased the risk of autism. 8:42 a.m., whether it is a summer vacation or summer shopping, as we said, this may be a savings summer. >> still love how that sounds. we will show you three new websites designed to deliver deep discounts for the entire family holly good morning. >> as you look for fun for the entire family, world team tennis is where it is at. washington castles are back in their whole new stadium on the wharf we are serving up our own fun. getting a little serving practice in, the newest member of the team and back by popular
8:43 am
demand, merv jensen to coach. we will talk with both of them. come out and see a match. she is like i can't concentrate. all next, fox morning news 
8:44 am
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the you are looking for work don't forget about our job shop it is open every day. our job of the day today's job corner bakery cafe gaithersburg burg looking for a manager the pay between 35 and $55,000 a year, all the baked goods you can eat. no, don't eat on the job. >> don't tempt me steve i will see you later. >> stall son please go to click on the -- stay alison please. go to whether you have a job or not everybody always looking for ways to save money. >> as companies clamor for your cash they are looking for deep discounts, steve joins us in telling us where to find them live in dallas this morning
8:47 am
good morning steve let's start with that summer travel. >> all right alison a lot of people are trying to figure out if they will be able to take that summer vacation. here is a little help i want you to check out smart this website will allow you to buy your tickets to area attractions in advance and you will save up to 55% when you do. you can choose between 13 different cities across the country new york, seattle, maui they have the entire continent covered there. right. now the deal is when you buy in advance you will get a discount some places will allow you to pay extra and skip the line when you get there if you don't want to deal with summer crowds if you are a really aggressive traveler and just want to see everything a city has to offer, you can buy a go pass which will allow you to get into every attraction that a participating city has. >> i like that. >> now steve i know what alison likes is a bit of shopping, you are not travelling, she likes the summer of shopping theme
8:48 am
what is vailable. >> and discounts. right. right. yeah, here in texas we like the summer of indoor shopping. if you are an internet shopper, i want you to check out a website called drop down this is an ap you load on to your laptop or your desk top and interfaces with your internet explorer so when you are shopping on your favorite retail website a little menu will literally drop down and tell you about any deals that website has to offer some times it will offer a coupon code for additional percentage off other times it will direct you to whatever the best deal is on that website but alleviates all that pressure of am i getting the best deal do i really know about the special code or special coupon this website takes care of it for you. > >> i have heard some people don't have time to be on the website searching for deals they are out there. >> i want to introduce you to a guy named brad he does exist i
8:49 am
spoke to brad yesterday he runs a website called brads for people who want the best of the best just give me the bottom line best deal on the internet that is the criteria for becoming one of brad's deals it has to be the very best price available one deal is a 1 mega olympic -- 12 mega pixel kodak camera delivered to your door frommous max, $59.99. not only does he give you the regular retail price but lets you know what the mark down is and how much better the price he found for you is, than the next best price on the internet, so you know that you are always getting the very best deals, the kind of tip here if you are a bargain hunter you need to retrain your brain to make sure you are checking out websites like brad's deals first before you comparison shop. >> please tell brad thank you from all of us. and thank you steve.
8:50 am
>> i will. steve for us in dallas thanks. good advice if you are planning on taking a little sporting activity, instead of doing shopping head down to southwest waterfront washington castles kicked off their season last night. >> holly morris is there to talk about this year's team good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you talking about this year's team if you have two people on it, whose last name happens to be williams, chances are you are going to be pretty good but you are also good if you are being coached by -- okay i need to work on my back hand coach, mark jensen good to see you. >> every year you come to try out for the team. >> and every year. >> every year i cut you. >> but we have fun doing it. >> we have fun you improve every time i see you. >> let's keep hitting back and forth. >> work on your forehand. >> oh, gee. >> very late.
8:51 am
>> as we do that i want to talk about that this is your third season. >> yes. >> your first season you won the championship. >> yep. >> what happened. >> second season? >> yeah. >> i have a philosophy, if we win it is the coach if we lose it is the players. >> there you go i like that. >> thank you. >> we talked with the commissioner last hour she said the castles set the bar and that in fact they are the team to beat this year. >> really? >> just so you know in case there wasn't any pressure. >> whoever said the miser knew what she was talking about but i -- commissioner knew what she was talking about but i like her attitude staying positive we have a great team we have the williams sisters, we have the best talent pool assembled for world team tennis we are hitting here with the top 100 player in the world, the russians are coming and not only the we have owe czech kin but we have arena.
8:52 am
>> get over here. >> you referred to her as a russian first. >> the russians are coming. >> hi thanks for coming out. >> thank you. >> you know they always make the new players come out. >> well, i heard about it. yeah. >> so this is your first season with world team tennis what do you think about the concept? >> i think it is great i love it and i think it is going to be so much fun and i am really excited about it. >> you played one match already last night. >> yeah, like a cheerleader. >> cheerleaders are important sister i was one of those. come on. so what are you looking forward to most about getting involved? >> of course to work with such a great coach as murphy. >> murphy. >> just as you told her to say. >> she is saying that on live television. >> hey hey hey,. >> we are going the work on
8:53 am
your service here. >> that is the weakest part of my game as if i have a game. >> we will have a con it's who has a bigger serve yourself or arena. >> the morning news reporter in dc or the professional tennis player place your bets now. >> arena, you are on the deuce side holly second side, holly you go first. excellent. >> any tips? >> bounce the ball. >> bounce the ball. >> focus always look where you are hitting. toss it up, and give it a whirl. >> hey. >> not bad. >> super good. okay. it is your turn. >> i am under pressure now. >> if you lose to holly, you are cut. that is the drill. >> and i tried out every single year arena. >> the tip for you is do the exact opposite of what holly would do. okay. got it. >> ouch. >> that was my back hand.
8:54 am
get it. >> any way never mind. yeah. >> go ahead let's see you since you were here the last couple years sorry, it is world team tennis we don't have to be quiet, what do you think about this new venue. >> unbelievable. >> yes, i won i won. >> you are fired. >> high five. we have a link to washington castles world team tennis, tomorrow night they will be here new stadium on the what are with which, serena williams will be here but enough about here arena will be here. these guys are troopers they are heading on a train up to philly. >> good job. >> oh, you are good. >> they both played great the castles are in town tomorrow night 8:54 a.m., ever work for a boss that was just too much to take? >> yes. >> you weren't supposed to answer that question.
8:55 am
>> not my boss now. >> good thing you can come back tomorrow >> your frustrations coming to the big screen. horrible bosses set to open this friday. one of those bosses, kevin spacey he joins us live in our next hour. >> 8:54 a.m. just about 8:55 a.m. we will be right back [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
8:56 am
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that will do it for this hour of fox 5 morning news, we will turn it over to tony and alison. >> good morning i am alison seymour. >> i am tony perkens. one high profile case ends another begins here in washington yesterday casey anthony was acquitted for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter caylee, today roger clemens goes on trial for
8:59 am
purgery. >> players may gear up for summer practice but a new law in virginia may keep high school athletes off the field. we will tell you what it is. >> on a much lighter note he earned academy awards for roles in movies like usual suspect and american beauty this morning actor kevin spacey will talk to us about his new film horrible bosses. >> you know he will be great in it. >> this is one thing i want to ask him about i bet he relished playing that role. >> tucker barnes with a look at this hot summer day. typical day around here. >> you got it alison more of the same here expected, but we have some changes, showers, thunderstorms out to our west this morning, let's focus on that see what will be happening, your radar showing you, we got showers earlier, pretty good thunderstorm activity to the north and east of cull pepper got to get this


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